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Tech Pro Logic - The Library & School Connection

Libraries, schools and other not-for-profit organizations are often plagued with the same technical problems. Many times technology is often considered "out of reach" for not-for-profit organizations because of special needs and tight budgets. Tech Pro Logic has years of experience with libraries, schools and not-for-profit organizations - we understand the special needs such as content filtering, wireless technologies, public Internet access and public card catalog systems just to name a few.

Beyond installs, maintenance and troubleshooting, Tech Pro Logic can provide numerous other technology-related services such as assistance in grant writing, technology analysis and assessment for budgeting purposes, technology inventory management, project planning and extended equipment warranties. We understand that technology can sometimes be a daunting chore but we can help make it as easy as the Dewey Decimal System!

Contact us today to find out about our custom-priced solutions just for libraries, schools and other not-for-profits.

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