Assisting Not-For-Profits

Libraries, Schools and other Not-For-Profit organizations are plagued with the same technical problems as other businesses. Many times technology is considered “out of reach” for Not-For-Profit organizations because of special needs, lack of technical resources and tight budgets. Tech Pro Logic has years of experience with Libraries, Schools and other Not-For-Profit organizations – most of our staff have worked in or with various Not-For-Profit organizations for 5 years or more. We know first-hand what technologies a Not-For-Profit needs as well as what they expect from a technical service provider.

Beyond installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, the Tech Pro Logic staff are experts in other technology-related services specific to Not-For-Profit needs, such as:

Assistance in grant writing
Technology analysis and assessment for budgeting purposes
Technology inventory management
Technology plan creation and adaptation
Project planning
Extended equipment warranties
Rebuilding older hardware to use for other purposes
Policy & Procedure creation and implementation
Custom SPAM, URL and content filters
Streaming video hosting
Wireless (WiFi) technologies
Network security and encryption

So beyond the technical skills and experience, why should you choose Tech Pro Logic for your IT needs? Tech Pro Logic was started on the fundamentals of “the old fashioned way” of doing business – provide the best customer service possible at affordable rates without sacrificing quality.

We realize that Not-For-Profits have budget constraints. We have special pricing structures in place to meet your every need. We also have flexible and 24×7 support available so that your problems can be fixed before you open your doors to the public.

We are here to help you to help others.